Gosho Aoyama  Manga Factory


Invites you to Hokuei Town, the hometown of Gosho Aoyama, his works and his world, and lets you feel the attractiveness of this great manga artist.

Introduces and narrates Gosho Aoyama’s history, love for detectives, and globally appreciated works in his world.

Gosho Aoyama’s Dreams-Secrets of His Creativity  
Guides you on the journey to explore the attractions of “Detective Conan,” one of his signature works.

Gosho Aoyama’s Dreams-Workshop of Ideas  
Lets you relive Gosho Aoyama’s dreams in his creative activities in a near-future workshop.

Gosho Aoyama Fan Board  

Provides fans of Gosho Aoyama with opportunities to mingle with each other, featuring quizzes and games to check how much you know about his works.

Grand Finale  
Features planned exhibitions and greetings of marionette doll characters.


Offers food, drinks and space for rest, and sells Conan goods and the like.

Produced by izumoweb