Gosho Aoyama’s Dreams-Secrets of His Creativity|The Gosho Aoyama Museum  Official Site Hokuei-cho, Tottori Prefecture

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The museum will be closed for a while.

Gosho Aoyama’s Dreams-Secrets of His Creativity



Guides you on the journey to explore the attractions of “Detective Conan,” one of his signature works.



Gosho Aoyama’s Workroom
A reproduced image of Gosho Aoyama’s workroom. It features the corners which introduce his process of manga production and secrets of creativity, as well as video images of his interviews.

World of Films

Exhibits the reproductions of original drawings used for the animation film “Detective Conan.” It gives you a glimpse of the essence of this animation.

Mystery Writers and Great Detectives in the World

Introduces the mystery writers and great detectives that Gosho Aoyama admires, who inspired Aoyama’s production of Detective Conan. There are some “gimmicks” hidden in the portraits.

Detective Conan in the World  
Displays comic books of “Detective Conan,” published in more than 20 countries and regions.
Gallery of Original Drawings
Famous scenes in the story “Detective Conan” are presented in the reproduction of original drawings. We hope you will find your favorite scenes.