Gosho Aoyama’s Dreams-Workshop of Ideas|The Gosho Aoyama Museum  Official Site Hokuei-cho, Tottori Prefecture

  • The museum will be closed for a while.
The museum will be closed for a while.

Gosho Aoyama’s Dreams-Workshop of Ideas



Lets you relive Gosho Aoyama’s dreams in his creative activities in a near-future workshop.



Invention of Dr. Hiroshi Agasa
Graphic introduction of items invented by Dr. Agasa for Conan. You can actually use and experience the important items, “the Voice-Changing Bowtie” and “the Turbo-Engined Skateboard.”

Full of Tricks

This corner lets you experience how the various tricks work. Follow the guidance and tackle the tricks.

Conan, the Collection  
Exhibits lots of Detective Conan goods. Many of them are seen only here.
Character Wall

A huge graphic wall showing the relation chart of characters in the story of Detective Conan.